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Time of Useful Consciousness... presents the untold
story; the impact of big corporations on society
Talking up the reality - as opposed to the
mainstream media 'version' - of the 65-year
Israeli occupation of Palestine!
More cutting-edge
investigative news from
Consistently superb interviews and
commentary from this revolutionary (literally!)
journalist, who has covered most the major
urban rebellions in the US since the mid 80's  
News, views and comment on
people, parapolitics and the planet
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First-rate interviews with those who present a real
understanding of our society and the forces that determine it.
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"Guns & Butter" investigates the
relationships among capitalism,
militarism and politics
Takes a cynical look at the garbage proffered by the
corporate media...and meticulously  'sorts it out'!
An uncompromising and hard-hitting look at the issues
affecting our environment and the forces that are wrecking it
Electronic Intifada's weekly roundup of
news and events in Palestine.
Award-winning public affairs show, providing a platform for
progressive organizations generally ignored or marginalized
by the mainstream media.
Journalist, activist, 'voice of the voiceless' ...and former
death row prisoner, 'Mumia abu-Jamal, provides another
superb commentary on the state and those who confront it.
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Political and social commentary exploring
the gap between what we want ... and
what they're trying to make us settle for
Challenging the Official Conspiracy Theory
with evidence ignored by the corporate media.
Focuses on labour, defined geographically and
conceptually, addressing the basic rights of workers
'north' and 'south', associated environmental issues
and the U.S. drive for global domination
Award-winning international gay and lesbian
rights radio magazine, airing on over 175
stations around the world.
The question for the press corps is whether they will keep both feet in reality, or allow the
perceived requirement to “include” the Trump camp’s spin “redefine” previous
understandings beyond recognition
Genius medical researcher Ajit Varki on his book "Denial: Self-Deception, False Beliefs, and the Origins
of the Human Mind." Erika Spanger-Siegfried from the Union of Concerned Scientists on American
military bases endangered by rising seas.
As NEW WORLD NOTES is not available this week, we bring you one from the archive.
The Poliics Show, from BCFM: Investigative reports: Israeli diplomat, Shai Masot, filmed undercover by by Al Jazeera
Investigates reporters, plotted against government minister also had £1m slush fund to set up political groups in the Labour party.
Interview with Craig Murray, journalist and author: Senior Israeli Political Attache Shai Masot was not on the official Diplomatic List
so why hasn't he been expelled? Craig Murray articles: Why Has Israeli Spy Shai Masot Not Been Expelled? Britain’s Most
Undesirable Immigrant: Why Was Shai Masot Given a Visa? 2011 Adam Werritty and Liam Fox MP story: Liam Fox, Adam Werritty,
and the curious case of Our Man in Tel Aviv – about matters concerning Israel not about them being gay
AS THIS WEEK IN PALESTINE is not available this week, we bring you THE TAYLOR REPORT
John Holloway (born 1947) is a lawyer, Marxist-oriented sociologist and philosopher,
whose work is closely associated with the Zapatista movement in Mexico, his home
since 1991. It has also been taken up by some intellectuals associated with the
piqueteros in Argentina; the Abahlali baseMjondolo movement in South Africa and the
Anti-Globalization Movement in Europe and North America. He is currently a teacher at
the Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences at the Autonomous University of

John Holloway author of “Crack Capitalism” and “Changing the world without Taking
Power” speaks of the role of the individual in perpetuating a system based on capital
and consumption. As John puts it, the question we should be asking is Not how do
we defeat capitalism but Why do we keep reproducing it everyday
Our special half-hour slot that brings you something different
and interesting every week. As the intro to
used to have it..."anything can happen in the next half-hour"!
Radio Free Radical offers you the
very best of alternative,
independent political / social justice
championing / status
quo-challenging audio media in a
truly innovative form - live-streamed
online in real time. 12 hours of
programming rolls over 2 times in a
24-hour period, so that no matter
where you live in the world, the
scheduling should suit you, and
bringing you as diverse a range of
first rate alternative audio media as
Global Reasearch Newshour;   On this week's Global Research News Hour, we attempt to separate myth and reality
when it comes to reporting on the situation in Syria. We start with a conversation with Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett.
She has reported from Gaza during the Israeli assaults there in 2008/9 and 2012. And since April 2014, she has travelled
to various parts of Syria no less than six times, including four visits to the ravaged city of Alleppo.
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Established on the 9th of September 2001, two
days before "9-11".  Global Research rapidly
became a major news source on the New World
Order and phony Washington’s “war on terrorism”.
Latin Waves
Two hours of intelligent, thought- provoking Talk Radio
that really inspires us to think 'outside the box'.
format, 32 kbps
In 1952 the Danish geophysicist Willi Dansgaard made a discovery that opened up a completely new
field of research. He found that the amount of heavy oxygen isotopes in rain correlates with the
temperature at the location where the precipitation was formed. But more important in preparation
for debates with climate change deniers is the record of CO2 that is also preserved in the ice cores.
The correlation of temperature rise and decrease with increasing and decreasing CO2 and methane
content have become one of the most important proofs for climate change. Ice cores also show the
recent extraordinary increase in the amount of CO2 since the industrial revolution and the ever
escalating burning of fossil fuels.
Against the Grain is a radio and web media project whose aim is to provide in-depth
analysis and commentary on a variety of matters -- political, economic, social and
cultural -- important to progressive and radical thinking and activism.
As Trump Moves into the White House, Democrats Need a Bold New Vision, Scandinavian Economic
Model Provides Blueprint for a More Egalitarian Society, Fast Launched to Pressure Obama to Grant
Political Prisoner Leonard Peltier Executive Clemency
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9-11 Wake-\up Call:.  Cheryl shares the speech given by Dr. William Pepper at the Left Forum 2016 on the
Deep State Panel on Assassinations. As our local communities honor MLK this month, you can bet that
none of them will mention the 1999 trial that proved that the murder of Dr. King was an act of state.
MILLIONS LOSE THEIR MINDS OVER RUSSIA: This week on Talk Nation Radio: millions of Americans lose
their everloving minds over unproven accusations against Russia, the ACLU and CAIR publish claim that
war on Iraq has been to protect the U.S. Bill of Rights, and a torture report gets buried.