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Time of Useful Consciousness... presents the untold
story; the impact of big corporations on society
Talking up the reality - as opposed to the
mainstream media 'version' - of the 65-year
Israeli occupation of Palestine!
More cutting-edge
investigative news from
Consistently superb interviews and
commentary from this revolutionary (literally!)
journalist, who has covered most the major
urban rebellions in the US since the mid 80's  
News, views and comment on
people, parapolitics and the planet
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Your online antidote to corporate media crap!
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Voices of the Middle East & North Africa

TUC Radio
First-rate interviews with those who present a real
understanding of our society and the forces that determine it.
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"Guns & Butter" investigates the
relationships among capitalism,
militarism and politics
Takes a cynical look at the garbage proffered by the
corporate media...and meticulously  'sorts it out'!
An uncompromising and hard-hitting look at the issues
affecting our environment and the forces that are wrecking it
Electronic Intifada's weekly roundup of
news and events in Palestine.
Award-winning public affairs show, providing a platform for
progressive organizations generally ignored or marginalized
by the mainstream media.
Journalist, activist, 'voice of the voiceless' ...and former
death row prisoner, 'Mumia abu-Jamal, provides another
superb commentary on the state and those who confront it.
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Political and social commentary exploring
the gap between what we want ... and
what they're trying to make us settle for
Challenging the Official Conspiracy Theory
with evidence ignored by the corporate media.
Focuses on labour, defined geographically and
conceptually, addressing the basic rights of workers
'north' and 'south', associated environmental issues
and the U.S. drive for global domination
Award-winning international gay and lesbian
rights radio magazine, airing on over 175
stations around the world.
Social justice advocates are getting together to share strategies for protecting vulnerable
communities and resisting the predations on our civil rights.
Tobias Friedrich says our climate predictions are wrong. Earth could heat up as much as 6 degrees
Centigrade, almost 11 degrees F, in a single lifetime. Richard Heede says just 83 companies, plus 7
countries, are responsible for 65% of all greenhouse gases. He names names. Then restoring
carbon to the soil, with Murielle Trouillet from the Government of France.
Voices of M. East & N. Africa:
PART 2: The second part of the discussion with Illan Pappe and Bideon Levy
Canada’s Kurdish Community rallies against Turkey’s treatment of Kurdish
community | GroundWire

International Institute of Communications conference held recently in Ottawa |
Gretchen King, CKUT

Federal government and appoints LGBTQ Advisor on the heels of 600 million dollar
lawsuit | Carly Forbes, GroundWire

Barriere Lake Algonquins protect their territory from mining | Braden Alexander, with
files from Darren Sutherland, CHUO and Andy Crosby, CKCU

Demonstrations take place in Montreal and Vancouver in the wake of the American
Election | Djenaba Dayle, CKUT and Gunargie O’Sullivan, CFRO

The Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement celebrates 20
years | Frieda Werden, WINGS
Our special half-hour slot that brings you something different
and interesting every week. As the intro to
used to have it..."anything can happen in the next half-hour"!
Radio Free Radical offers you the
very best of alternative,
independent political / social justice
championing / status
quo-challenging audio media in a
truly innovative form - live-streamed
online in real time. 12 hours of
programming rolls over 2 times in a
24-hour period, so that no matter
where you live in the world, the
scheduling should suit you, and
bringing you as diverse a range of
first rate alternative audio media as
Global Reasearch Newshour| In June of 2016, a United Nations sanctioned Commission of Inquiry submitted its second report
on the human rights situation in Eritrea. The report, based on interviews with hundreds of Eritreans in 13 countries concluded
that violations had been committed in the African country over the course of two decades which amounted to Crimes Against
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Established on the 9th of September 2001, two
days before "9-11".  Global Research rapidly
became a major news source on the New World
Order and phony Washington’s “war on terrorism”.
Two hours of intelligent, thought- provoking Talk Radio
that really inspires us to think 'outside the box'.
format, 32 kbps
When Captain Paul Watson - co-founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society returned from
exile in France, TUC radio broadcast an interview with him that surpassed in downloads all
programs of 2016 except for one. So here is an update on occasion of the beginning of the
Japanese whale hunt in the Southern Ocean.
Against the Grain is a radio and web media project whose aim is to provide in-depth
analysis and commentary on a variety of matters -- political, economic, social and
cultural -- important to progressive and radical thinking and activism.
OUR ENTIRE STREAM is now available
in in 3 downloadable files from Therefore we are
discontinuing the posting of MP3s on
this site: Please click               to access
available in in 3 downloadable files
from Therefore we
are discontinuing the posting of
MP3s on this site: Please
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TAKES ON THE WORLD NEWS: Jeff describes divisions in progressive ranks between Clinton and anti-Clinton voters
and reasons both voted the way they did: domestic vs. foreign policy issues; fear of Trump's domestic agenda vs.
fear of Clinton starting war with Russia. He points that one issue uniting Trump and Clinton was support for Israel
which was suppressed from national debates on wishes of both parties, particularly Democrats whose younger
voters are not concerned with Israel.
Talk Nation Radio: Greg Palast on Stripping 7 Million Voters from Rolls, Swinging Election.
Greg Palast is an investigative reporter, whose news-breaking stories appear on BBC Television and
in The Guardian and Rolling Stone Magazine. Palast has released a new movie: The Best Democracy
Money Can Buy: A Tale of Billionaires and Ballot Bandits, based on his books. Palast says that the
recent U.S. election was in fact rigged. We discuss how.